Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personal Testimony on Reasonable Doubts

One of the podcasts I enjoy listening to on a regular basis is Reasonable Doubts, hosted by three former religious believers who now discuss religion, science, and anti-apologetics from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One segment of their podcast is called "Gospel of Doubt" in which listeners are invited to submit short testimonies of their experience with doubt:

We're looking for your stories and your reasons for joining the ranks of the godless. When did you lose your faith? Why did you lose your faith? Did you ever have faith? What are the arguments you ran into that started you down your path to disbelief? What books did you read, what friends did you make, or what events did you go through that helped you embrace the natural over the supernatural?

I submitted an entry which was broadcast in Episode 47, posted July 24, 2009 and can be downloaded here. The entire podcast is over an hour long, and my brief essay is near the end, at the 56:50 mark. I blame the ethereal sparkling background noise on my recording equipment.