Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dance the World Over

I think this is a first for Astronomy Picture of the Day. Instead of jaw-droppingly beautiful images of night sky beauties or deep space wonders, today's entry is a roughly five minute video of, well, dancing.

Just dancing. People around the world, all races, all ages, all religions, all of them grinning and laughing and moving to the beat. Some are free-form, some are formal. Some are in costume, some in ordinary workaday clothes. Some in brilliant sunshine, some in enough pouring rain to make Noah nervous. What's more, all of them appear to be happy (except the stern-faced guard in demilitarized North Korea, but he's probably worried what his superior officer would think if he broke rank.) I don't know if the dancing made them happy or if their happiness made them dance, but it doesn't matter. The joy of movement and music and the spirit of "Hot Damn I'm ALIVE!" brings a smile to my face.

It's the most humanist thing I've seen in months.

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