Thursday, March 26, 2009

Noah's Ark Replica

According to the Book of Genesis, God warned Noah that he was going to flood the entire earth to eliminate evil humanity. To spare Noah, God gave him specific instructions to build an ark large enough to hold a sample of all the world's animals, plus food and supplies for over a year. The Genesis account is detailed enough that we can know exactly how large this ark was supposed to be.

Dutch Creationist John Huibers took the listed dimensions to heart and built a replica of the ark that spans two-thirds of a football field.

People are reportedly amazed at the size of the replica, but the Biblical dimensions would make it even five times larger.

On the other hand, there are additional problems with the replica. For one thing, the pictures show a long row of windows across the top, whereas the Biblical account implies that Noah built only a single window less than eighteen inches on a side. Never mind the inaccuracies of the replica; how was Noah and his family to deal with tons of methane-producing manure with only a single small window for ventilation.

The TalkOrigins site has an excellent article called Problems with a Global Flood which provides this information:

Wood is not the best material for shipbuilding. It is not enough that a ship be built to hold together; it must also be sturdy enough that the changing stresses don't open gaps in its hull. Wood is simply not strong enough to prevent separation between the joints, especially in the heavy seas that the Ark would have encountered. The longest wooden ships in modern seas are about 300 feet, and these require reinforcing with iron straps and leak so badly they must be constantly pumped. The ark was 450 feet long [ Gen. 6:15]. Could an ark that size be made seaworthy?

Whether Huibers built an impressive replica or not, Noah's Ark is certainly beyond the realm of feasability.

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