Friday, May 22, 2009

Chiropractor Fires Woman for Being an Atheist

In McKinney, Texas, Amanda Donaldson worked at a Chiropractic office and had developed Stage III Breast Cancer. She missed three weeks of work in April and May to undergo a full mastectomy. Amanda's husband, Brant Donaldson, runs a blog called to raise funds for medical expenses and keep friends and family informed of Amanda's prognosis. The Donaldsons, both atheists, also expressed their religious opinions during their ordeal.

Amanda's boss, Dr. Scott Dawson learned of the website back in March, and threatened to fire her if she did not remove the atheist portions of her website. Dr. Dawson expressed concern that his patients may cast aspersions against his practice if they learned of the website. The Donaldson's complied by removing the religious portions of their blog.

Amanda considers herself a quiet atheist, never mentioning it at work, even quietly accepting others offers to pray for her and even lay hands on her to "cast the demon out." When Amanda returned to work on May 4 after her mastectomy, Dr. Dawson was very cool toward her, finally uttering, "There is no place for your thoughts, opinions and beliefs on God in my office, please give me your key and leave.” As the Donaldsons only have one vehicle, Amanda was forced to walk four miles to her home, aggravating her medical condition.

Dr. Dawson was reported as saying, "It’s a Christ-oriented office, they (meaning employees) need to be on the same page I am." He also stated, "I’m a person of faith, connected to God, and I’ll hire anyone who is qualified, but I do not want to hire anyone with a different world view.”

According to Amanda, she has contacted attorneys and her State Senator, but they all say the same thing. State Labor Law is designed to protect small businesses, and companies with less than 15 employees can not be sued for discrimination of any kind. Today she worries about her loss of income and medical benefits, and she continues to struggle, having been fired from her position for being an atheist.

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