Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fish make judgement calls

One tenet of creationism is that there is a huge gap between mankind and the animal kingdom.  For some, the notion that humans are just smart animals offends them and eliminates our special creation.  For support, they constantly point to our special abilities and declare them to be a part of our spiritual nature.

Over time, scientists have discovered more and more abilities once thought to be uniquely human are also exhibited by animals.  Monkeys  and dogs have a sense of morality and know when they're getting a raw deal.

Last week, Scientific American's 60-second science featured fish that make judgement calls.  A type of stickleback fish was able to determine when others of its kind were finding more food and thus switched their feeding patterns.  This goes against the notion that all animals are merely obeying their God-given instincts and that only humans can make these sort of complex decisions.

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