Monday, December 20, 2010

You win some; you lose some

The United States Senate voted allowing the president and the U.S. Military to lift the bigoted, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy, in place for seventeen long years, so that gays and lesbians which have been serving in the military since the founding of our country don't have to hide who they are anymore. 

On the other hand, the Senate blocked a vote on the DREAM act, which lets kids who have lived in the U.S. all or most of their lives, and who presumably value living here, become legally recognized as citizens provided they graduate from college and/or serve in the military.

In other words, according to the Senate, we'll begrudgingly let you serve your country--putting your lives on the line to defend the very freedoms we Senators enjoy--if you must insist on claiming that you're gay.  But if you have brown skin and were brought to this country against your will, either as a child or inside your parent's genetalia, and even if you want to serve your country or better yourself with education (which would presumably make America a stronger, more competitive nation) then it would be better if you were deported somewhere and dumped in a country where you may not know the language, customs, or a single other person, presumably so that you can either live in poverty or stoke a hatred of the United States that comes out in violence against us.  After all, if we didn't manufacture enemies, what would we do with our half-trillion dollar annual military budget?

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