Friday, June 4, 2010

Rapists' conviction overturned

In 2002 three Vietnamese men were convicted of raping an 18-year-old woman in Hanoi and were sent to prison for 11 to 16 years. The grandmother of one of the men contacted a doctor, Pham Thi Hong, insisting that her grandson was innocent, and asked could the good doctor do anything to help.

It turned out she could. Dr. Hong examined all three men and determined that there was no way the three men could have raped that woman* because they had never had sex. Police officials agreed with her, and the trio was released after nearly a decade in jail.

And exactly how did Dr. Hong determine the three men were virgins? By looking at the back of their ears, of course.

She said examination of a pressure point beneath the convict's ear showed a small capillary was unbroken, which Vietnamese traditional medicine holds to mean that he was a virgin. Hong then examined the other two men. "I recognised these three men had never had sex with women," Hong said.

Dr. Hong is a acupuncturist at a hospital in Hanoi. Exactly what a tiny blood vessel has to do with sexual intercourse is unexplained, except that it's "tradition." Apparently she observed these unbroken capillaries with her naked eye, an even more impressive feat than her radical conclusions.
* Error: I originally typed the word 'women'

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