Monday, June 28, 2010

Vandalism backfires

A group of atheists and free thinkers erected a billboard in Charlotte recently which simply reads "One Nation Indivisible" against a United States flag background. In a predictable turn of events, someone has vandalized the billboard and, like Congress during the McCarthy era, forcibly inserted "Under God" onto the billboard.

No doubt this vandalism was intended to send a message to anyone who supports the separation of church and state, and to anyone who wants to restore the Pledge to its original God-free verbiage. However, the vandalism backfired, as William Warren, the spokesperson for the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics explained:

Other than the vandalism, Warren said his group has received “mostly positive” responses to its billboard, including from some self-described Christians.

Plus, he credited publicity surrounding the sign with uptick in membership: “We have 58 new members.”

Thank you, vandals. Freethinking Americans appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

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